Given the increasingly difficult market trend in a time of recession, we have concentrated our efforts to MAINTAIN SUPPORT in favour of two sports projects intrinsically linked to our area.


Pallonistica le Valli del Ponente

Societa di Pallone Elastico has been engaged for years in the involvement of young people practising one of the most traditional sports played and known in our area and southern Piedmont.

Exciting results with the involvement of schools around the westerly sea breeze hinterland, a growing youth sector and numerous awards have brought to public attention this large group of enthusiasts whose valuable work, is contributing to the maintenance of a tradition typical of the people of Liguria.


Handball Ventimiglia

A wonderful reality from this border town, with a recent history of consistent success and great growth. In a city dominated by the ball, Handball Ventimiglia, in the last 10 years has earned the affection of the entire city, creating ever-increasing enthusiasm for this sport.

A youth sector with teams starting from 7-8 years of age, and with the first team that has recently reached the great satisfaction of winning series A. The name of Ventimiglia is known throughout northern Italy who are proud of all of us, and the work done by the executives of Handball Ventimiglia has been truly commendable.


Good luck to the teams that we are proud to support.


  • Pallone elastico





  • Pallamano Ventimiglia



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